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“Together we shape stories that inspire.”

A Berlin based conferences curator and speakers' coach. Or to put it even better a curator of ideas. I’m part of a select group of coaches who work with speakers for the world renown TED conferences.

As long as I can remember myself I always loved writing. From elementary school to my graduate studies at the University of Cambridge, essay writing was my strongest asset. The breakthrough moment came when Bruno Giussani, the International Curator of TED, my mentor, trusted my work and slowly introduced me into the wonderful world of curating ideas and talks.

For the past couple of years I've worked as an ideas’ curator and speaker coach, helping hundreds of speakers around the world shape and deliver their stories. I'm one of those people who, in the torrent of ideas and information, tries to filter, structure and connect what's relevant, and give it a stage. The main goal is to make sure speakers are communicating their message clearly and effectively to the public; from drafting the talk together to the final presentation and stage performance. I have an ongoing collaboration with YPO, working with the leading CEOs of the world for the annual GLC and EDGE conferences, as well as with the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) in Berlin.

My approach in curating talks is content based. If you're a speaker, I'll help you write and tell your story,  communicate your idea and connect with your audience. When it comes to larger conferences, I may assist you in the overall curation of the program and in hosting the event. 

I love creating narratives which are defined by persuasion, passion, credibility and authenticity.

In order to bring a more creative and innovative character both within the board meetings and the executive conferences, I organize customized workshops on public speaking. I work with individuals on a one-to-one coaching as well as with groups, like the Gates Cambridge Scholars, YPO chapters, organizations and start up companies worldwide. Here's an example of what's going on in these workshops.

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