When you're called to give a presentation, there's a set of things you want to consider: your narrative, slides, structure, voice, posture and delivery style, among others. Whether you are in front of a large audience, a board of directors, future investors or a round table, it's a lot to think about.  

We work on learning how to create narratives which are defined by persuasion, passion, credibility, and authenticity. The workshops – done in person or online – can be one-to-one coaching or for groups. 

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From a “toolbox” of the best public speaking practices, we handpick the tools that will work best for you and customize your talk to your personality, topic and audience.

1:1 | Conference preparation

Have you been invited to give a talk at a conference, an event or a pitch presentation in a couple of months? For a period of at least 1 1/2 month we go through the drafting process of your talk together, until the narrative flows in a natural, persuasive and authentic way. Then we practice on the delivery, have virtual dry runs and make sure that on the day of the event your bring forward your best self in front of the audience.

1:1 | Overview

Do you want to improve or brush-up your public speaking skills and create a strong impact though your narrative and use of slides? Then this one-to-one in-person or virtual workshop is for you. Based on your topic of interest and personal style, we will give you the right tools, so that you always connect and resonate with your audience in an authentic way. The ultimate goal is for your presentation to have a long lasting positive effect on the hearts and minds of your audience. 

1:1 | Deep diving

This one to one in-person or virtual workshop focuses in-depth on whatever you feel is blocking you from a great presentation. You might want to work more on storytelling techniques or ways to better deliver your talk on stage. Fear of public speaking could be an issue that keeps you up at night before an event. Or you may have received feedback that your slides are too corporate for an inspirational talk. Tackling issues like these will unlock your full potential. 

1:n | Group workshops

An engaging in-person 5h long workshop for groups of 10-12 people with a series of exercises, presentations and individual feedback to each participant. Once the workshop is completed you are able to restructure your business or inspirational presentations in ways that effectively bring forward your main idea, identify all the key elements that turn a talk into a great talk, and apply these key points to any given presentation you deliver in the future. A long but very popular workshop around the world. 

Katerina’s workshop was extremely engaging and personally, it has been a great learning experience for me. Her session altered my perspective on how my ideas were perceived by the audience. Her expertise in the field has aided me in having interactions that are better structured and create an impact. Katerina focused not only on technique but on all important aspects of being an influential speaker. An excellent orator herself, she was insightful and thorough in her analysis of effective communication.
— Sonali Rastogi, Architect | Founder Partner, Morphogenesis
I was very fortunate to have attended one of Katerina’s public speaking workshops. Going into it I honestly didn’t know what to expect. In a matter of hours I worked through a narrative I needed to relay to my team, received feedback on how to best structure the message, and learned about a few bad habits I didn’t even know I had. Katerina’s structured workshop helped me sharpen my skills, gain more confidence in my abilities and realize that nothing can replace the importance of focus and practice when preparing for a talk. I highly recommend if you’re ever in need of someone who can take your public speaking skills to the next level to reach out to Katerina.
— Jenny Herald | Project Manager, Microsoft