8 eventful months

These last 8 months have been pretty eventful: two TEDGlobal events (TEDGlobal>London and TEDGlobal>Geneva), one TED event in Vancouver, four TEDx events in various cities around the world, one YPOLab event in Dubai, many executive coaching events, over one hundred speakers all over the world and a baby boy baking.

Just a few days before I embark on my maternity leave, I feel grateful to have been working with and learning from so many wonderful people. Strong minds, visionaries, change makers, explorers, innovators, people who strive to make a difference in their communities and the global community we all live in. From scientists and social activists to billionaire entrepreneurs and the first Syrian refugee on a TEDx stage (more on that as soon as the talk is released), there is nothing more satisfying than seeing these speakers rock on stage.

Preparing their talks is a collaborative process; one that requires commitment and making sure that what comes out on stage will be the most impactful version of their story. Speakers allow me to become a part of that story and deep dive in their fields of interest. And every single time I feel more fulfilled as a person. The bond formed is a strong one, and very often results to friendships that last much more than the standing ovations they receive. 

Before I immerse myself into the new story of motherhood, I wanted to say a big heartfelt THANK YOU to all the amazing people that trusted me with their stories and their talks these past months.

See you after the summer!


TEDGlobal>London, September 2015. Photo credit: James Duncan Davidson/TED

TEDGlobal>London, September 2015. Photo credit: James Duncan Davidson/TED